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That’s Funny: No Smoking



That’s Funny: Kobe #FAIL

Hilarious … Nuff said

That’s Funny: 1, 2, 3, … JUMP!!!


Pure Comedy : I Hate L.A.

” It’s no piece of pie … unless it was like a shit pie … “

Bring’n it back to snaps … HA!

Damn … He hit her with the rapid-fire snaps LMAO

” Teeth look like chiclets … Teeth look like baby shoes … Muthafucka teeth look like chalk …. Muthafucka teeth look like a boxer’s mouth piece … “


Funniest n*gga on YouTube … PERIOD

Peep His Other Videos Here

LMFAO … I don’t know what to title this!!!

My family is from Jamaica, and the other day during Easter my uncle made a joke about this song back in the day and the dance that followed it … After some research I found the video … DOLLA!! DOLLA!! DOLLA!!